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Chip Card FAQ

What is a chip card?
chips cards, also referred to as EMV cards, are the new standard in card security.
Why is a chip card more secure?
The chip card creates a unique code for each transaction when used as at a chip-enabled terminal. This makes the card extremely difficult to counterfeit.
How do I use a chip card?
If the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, you’ll insert your card into the the terminal for the duration of the transaction. At the completion of the purchase, just remove your card and you’re done. If the merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you’ll simply swipe your card like you have always done before. For transactions made over the phone or internet, nothing changes.
Are there any situations in which my chip card may not work?
Yes. As merchants transition from the old “swipe” terminals to the new chip-enabled terminals, there may be circumstances where the hardware is in place but their software has not yet been upgraded. In these rare cases, your Orion chip card may not be useable until the merchant’s software upgrade is completed.
Will my chip card work at Orion ATMs?
Yes. Just follow the onscreen instructions.
Are there new fees associated with the chip cards?
No. The extra security provided by the chip card is a free benefit to Orion members.