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Fee Schedule

Account Fees & Limits*

Product Fee
Orion Checking $0
5 in 1 Premium Checking
Requirements Met $0
Requirements Unmet $5 per month
Checking 2.0 $5 per month
Service Request Fee
Internet Banking Bill Payment $0
Payment by Phone $5
Money Order $5
Official Check $5
Copy of Draft – via Online Banking $0
Copy of Draft – Other $3
Copy of Official Check $3
Stop Payment – Any Check Type $35
Domestic Wire Transfer-Outgoing $20
Incoming Wire Transfer $15
Foreign Wire Transfer – Outgoing (Up to $16,000) $65
Foreign Wire Transfer – Outgoing (Over $16,000) $85
Check Cashing Fee
Applies to members with total account balances below $100 and no loan balance. Applies to ALL non-members.
Credit Card Cash Advance – In Branch $3
Excess Savings Withdrawal
For non-automated withdrawals from Savings Accounts other than Christmas Club
First 2/month $0 then $3 each
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal
Charged on withdrawals made from January 1 through September 30.
Verification of Deposit Requested by a 3rd Party $10
Deposit of Check in Foreign Currency $15
Account Activity Printout $1
Account Research – One hour minimum $15 per hour
Statement Printout $5
Debit or ATM Card Replacement $10
Account Number Change $10
Loan Deferment/Extension – Some restrictions may apply $25
ATM/Debit Card Services Fee
Card – Standard mail to primary address $0
PIN – Standard mail to primary address $0
Card – Standard mail to an alternate address $10
PIN – Standard mail to an alternate address $10
Card – Rush delivery $35
PIN – Rush delivery $35
Usage of Automated Teller Machines(ATM) Fee
Withdrawals, Transfers or Balance Inquiries at Orion-owned ATMs $0
Usage of Non-Orion ATMs:
Withdrawals $1
Transfers between Orion accounts $1
Balance inquiries $1
Deficient or Discouraged Actions Fee
Returned Item Drawn on a Third-Party Account $15
Returned Item Drawn on Your Non-Orion Account $35
Unpaid Item Drawn on Your Orion Account $35
Paid Item Drawn on Your Orion Account
Applies to:
– Debit and ATM overdrafts if opted in to Debit Overdraft Protection
– All other overdraft items unless opted out of Courtesy Pay
Overdraft Protection Transfer from a Linked Share Account First 3/month $0, then $5 each
Negative Balance
Assessed on the 15th consecutive day in which the account has a negative balance, in addition to other fees. such as for NSF.
Dormant Account
An account is considered dormant if for 13 months no withdrawals, deposits (other than credited dividends), line of credit payments or loan payments have been made to the account and the account balance is less than $50.
$10 per month
Legal Order to Turn Over Your Funds or Property $75
Foreign Funds Sent Out for Collection $15
Invalid Address $5 per month
Mailed Statements and Notices
Does not apply to members over age 65 or under age 18
$2 per month
Electronic Statements and Notices(e-statements) $0
Closure of Primary Account within 6 Months of Opening $10

Revised 5/01/2018

*Subject to change.