Premium Checking

Earn 4% APY on balances up to $10,000 and great rates beyond that. Also benefit from Out-of-Network ATM Fee Reimbursement.

Orion Checking

Get free checking that pays you dividends. Earn 0.01% APY with no minimum balance and access Orion perks like online and mobile banking, mobile deposit and free bill pay.

Checking 2.0

Had difficulty in your past with checking accounts and need a fresh start? This is the account for you.
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Premium Checking offers you a great return on your deposits through a tiered earning platform, plus you can also get:

  • 4% APY on balances up to $10,000
  • Earn great rates on higher balances
  • Free checks
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Out-of-network ATM fee reimbursement (When Premium Perks Qualifiers are met. See conditions below.)
  • Free bill pay

To earn your dividends, be eligible for ATM Fee Reimbursements, and make this a free checking account, just meet these two simple qualifiers per month:

  • Electronic deposits totaling at least $500/month Electronic deposits include: direct deposit, ATM deposit, mobile deposit, and electronic transfers from another financial institution.
  • Spend at least $500/month on your Orion debit or Orion credit card
Premium Checking
Example Rate of Return When Premium Perks Qualifiers are Met.
Initial Balance APY Annual Dividends
$5,000.00 4.03% $201.28
$10,000.00 4.00% $400.00
$20,000.00 3.30% $660.00
$50,000.00 2.88% $1,440.02
$100,000.00 2.74% $2,740.04
$250,000.00 2.66% $6,640.12
When Premium Perks Qualifiers are not met: The dividend rate and corresponding APY are 0.01%.
When Premium Perks Qualifiers are met: On balances up to $10,000.00, the dividend rate is 3.95311% and the APY is from 4.03% to 4.00%; on the portion of the balance over $10,000.00, the dividend rate is 2.56957%, resulting in an APY range of 4.00% to 2.60% on the whole balance. See above for example rates of return. Consumer accounts only.

See Account Disclosures for more information, including how to meet the Premium Perks Qualifiers. All Premium Checking rates above are those expected to be declared on the next dividend declaration date (last day of the month) but are subject to change until declared.


Orion Checking is Orion's standard, free checking account. There are no monthly requirements for 0.01% APY and you'll also get:

  • Free remote deposit
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Free debit card
  • No minimum balance


Had difficulty in your past with checking accounts and need a fresh start? This is the account for you. This account is easy to qualify for and has a low minimum balance. Interested in learning if Checking 2.0 might be right for you? Contact us.

For more information about our checking account options, visit an Orion branch location or contact us.

Ready to make the switch to Orion? Get our Checking Account Switch Kit Checklist.


 Premium CheckingOrion CheckingChecking 2.0
ATM Fee Reimbursement
Free Checks
Earns Dividends
Overdraft Protection
Courtesy Pay
No Minimum Balance
Orion Debit Card
Mobile Deposit
Electronic Bill Pay
Online Banking
Orion Mobile App
Dividend Rate*4% APY*0.01% APY
Monthly Fee$0

When requirements are not met**


*Rates are subject to change. Rates are accurate as of the last dividend declaration date (last day of prior month) unless noted otherwise above. Fees may reduce earnings.
**When requirements are not met, a $5 monthly fee will apply.