Orion Checking$0
Premium CheckingIf requirements are met $0/mo.
If requirements are not met $5/mo.
Checking 2.0$0
Orion Business Checking$0
Premium Business Checking$10/mo
Orion Credit Cards | Cash Advance Fee5% to a minimum of $10
Orion Credit Cards | Card Replacement Fee$10
Orion Credit Cards | Late FeeUp to $39
Orion Credit Cards | Return Check FeeUp to $39
Orion Credit Cards | Foreign Transaction Fee1%


Service RequestsFee
Electronic Bill Payment$0
Payment by Phone$5/ea
Official (Cashier's) Check$5/ea
Copy of Draft - via Online Banking$0
Copy of Draft - Other$3
Copy of Official (Cashier's) Check$3
Stop Payment (any check type)$35
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing)$20
Incoming Wire Transfer$15
Foreign Wire Transfer

(outgoing, up to $16,000)

Foreign Wire Transfer

(outgoing, over $16,000)

Check Cashing Fee

(applies to members with total account balances below $100 and no loan balance,
and applies to all non-members)

Non-Orion Credit Card Cash Advance (in-branch)$3
Excess Savings Withdrawal

(applies to non-automated withdrawals from Savings Accounts other than Christmas Club Account)

First 2/mo $0, then $3/ea
Christmas Club Savings Early Withdrawal

For withdrawal made between Jan. 1 - Sept. 30

Verification of Deposit (by 3rd party)$10
Deposit of Check in Foreign Currency$15
Account Research

two hour minimum

Account Activity Printout$1
Statement Printout$25
Debit or ATM Card Replacement$10
Account Number Change$10
Loan Deferment/Extension$25


Debit/ATM Card ServicesFee
Card - standard mail to primary address$0
PIN - standard mail to primary address$0
Card - standard mail to alternate address$10
PIN - standard mail to alternate address$10
Card - rush delivery$35
PIN - rush delivery$35


ATM UsageFee
Withdrawals, Transfers, Balance Inquiries at Orion ATMs$0
Withdrawal, Transfers, Balance Inquiries at non-Orion ATMs$1


Deficient or Discouraged ActionsFee
Returned item drawn on a third-party account$15
Returned item drawn on your non-Orion account$35
Unpaid item drawn on your Orion account$35
Paid item drawn on your Orion account

(applies to debit/ATM overdrafts if opted into Debit Overdraft Protection
and all other overdraft items unless opted out of Courtesy Pay)

Overdraft Protection transfer from a linked share accountFirst 3/mo $0,
then $5/ea
Negative Balance

(assessed on the 15th consecutive day in which the account has a negative balance, in addition to other fees)

Legal order to turn over your funds or property$75
Foreign funds sent out for collection$15
Invalid Address$5/mo
Mailed statements and notices

(does not apply to members over the age of 65 or under 18)

Electronic Statements (e-Statements)$0
Closure of Primary Account within 6 months of opening$10
Dormant Account Fee$10/mo

Revised 11/30/2019
Fees subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.