Orion Federal Credit Union has been selected as the Doing Well By Doing Good Award winner in the 2021 Mastercard Community Institution Segment Awards.

This recognition highlights financial institutions who have driven a great influential impact of positive change in their communities.

“Mastercard is impressed by Orion’s dedication to the communities in which they serve,” the company said in a statement. “Orion has demonstrated a unique and meaningful approach in leveraging assets and strategies that have positively served and impacted their community. We are proud to be their partner.”

The Community Institution Segment Awards were created to bring attention to Mastercard’s partners to celebrate their achievements. Recipients in the Doing Well by Doing Good category are selected based on the best use of assets in community service or charitable contributions. For this award, Orion was selected not only for its financial investment in non-profits, but for its broad, innovative efforts to create meaningful change in its communities.

“We take our responsibility to invest in the communities we serve seriously and continue to find ways to highlight our city,” said Orion CEO Daniel Weickenand.

Over the past few years, Orion has supported well over 100 non-profits in the Memphis and Little Rock markets and has given more than $2 million in community support. Orion supports local organizations making an impact toward causes including health and human services, homelessness, hunger, financial literacy, inner city youth, children and adults with disabilities, the arts, conservation, and economic development.

Orion encourages all employees to volunteer, inspiring team members to build relationships with local organizations that are making an impact in the community. Since 2017, Orion employees have contributed more than 4,500 volunteer hours.

In addition, Orion extends financial literacy services to several community partners through resources and events that address common financial issues and educate the community on topics like understanding credit, saving, and budgeting. Click here to learn more about Orion’s financial literacy efforts.

In 2018, Orion saw an opportunity to move its headquarters to the Edge District of Memphis, strategically positioned as an anchor for an historic area. This move was an intentional effort toward addressing blight, spurring commercial and residential growth, and reinforcing a critical connection between the Medical District and Downtown.