Your account security is important to Orion.

We're committed to sharing the measures that we're taking to keep your accounts and personal information safe. It's important that both your financial institution and you are committed to keeping your financial information secure.


Beware of communication purporting to be from Orion FCU. If you receive suspicious communication from an unusual source claiming to be Orion FCU, do not click a link or provide personal information. You can call our Member Connect Call Center to verify communication at 800-532-9025.

Stay aware of potential card skimmers at gas pumps. Skimmers are devices fraudulently adhered to card readers, most frequently at gas pumps. These skimming devices are used to copy account data and PINs used during the transaction. Your card information can be used to replicate your card and be used at ATMs or to make card purchases. If you see anything suspicious, do not use your card at that card reader, and report to the merchant. Monitor your accounts and statements regularly for fraudulent activity.


What we are doing: Orion uses advanced technology to monitor accounts for unusual activity.

What you can do:

  • Keep your computer security features (anti-virus, anti-malware) up to date
  • Frequently update your browser
  • Create a strong password (8-32 characters long, one upper case, one lowercase, special characters)
  • Monitor debit and credit transactions. Subscribe to alerts in online banking for account monitoring and notifications.
  • Practice good ATM safety staying aware of your surroundings and keeping cash concealed.

See Orion's Privacy Notice here.



  • Prepare your transaction before you approach the ATM to minimize the time spent at the machine. For example, fill out transaction slips prior to arriving and have your card ready.
  • Do not display cash. Instead, pocket it immediately and take your card and receipt. Verify cash count when you can safely do so.
  • Save your receipt to match to your monthly statement.
  • Do not accept assistance from strangers while using an ATM.
  • Be aware of your surroundings before, during, and after completing the transaction. Be alert for suspicious activity near the ATM, particularly at night.
  • If anything looks suspicious, or if the ATM appears to have been tampered with, cancel your transaction and use another ATM.
  • Protect your card information and PIN by covering the keypad and standing close to the ATM if someone is waiting near the machine.
  • Do not give your card or PIN to anyone.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card.


  • Keep doors locked on your vehicle and windows rolled up whenever possible. Keep your engine running.
  • Leave enough room between you and the car in front of you should you need to exit the drive-thru.
  • If you are suspicious of being followed when leaving the ATM, drive to the nearest crowded, well-lit location and alert authorities.


Chip Cards (EMV Cards) are the new standard in card security. The chip creates a unique code for each transaction when used at a chip-enabled terminal, making the card extremely difficult to counterfeit.

To use the card, you will insert the chip end of the card into the terminal for the duration of the transaction. If a merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you can swipe your card.

This chip card technology and the extra security features are a free benefit to Orion members.