Another common scam includes fraudulent emails and texts that impersonate your financial institution to lure you into giving out personal or account-related information.
Through these scams, a potential victim may receive an email or text claiming to be from your financial institution. These messages often tell you that your account has been restricted, and/or request verification of personal details.

Orion will never solicit confidential information via an email, text, social media messaging, or voicemail, and we will never ask that this information be entered through a generic web link.

If you receive an unsolicited communication from Orion that you have not requested and/or applied for (i.e. your Bill Payment has been sent or you’ve been approved for a loan), DO NOT click on anything in the message, and NEVER enter anything via a link or field in the message.

Above all else, you should never share your Online Banking username or password through one of these methods.

If you are ever in doubt about an email or text you receive or find a website that claims to be affiliated with Orion with a URL other than, we strongly encourage you not to reveal any personal, financial, and/or account related information and not to click on any of the links or download attachments. If this happens, we encourage you to reach out to us at 800-532-9025.

When it comes to identifying email scams or fraudulent websites, here are a few things to look for…

    • Generic greetings: To Whom It May Concern, Dear Sir/Madam.


    • Typos: Incorrect grammar, misspelled words.


    • How to spot a fake email: Some indicators of a fake email include email addresses not matching the sender’s website (i.e. email should come from a email address, not another address), requests to click a link to update information or take action on a negative account status (i.e. your account has been suspended/restricted). Keep in mind that particularly clever criminals can make some, if not all of these indicators look legitimate including making it look like a legitimate Orion email address sent the email.


    • How to spot a fake text: Some indicators of a fake text include those sent with a sense of urgency – often asking you to respond with certain personal information, call a specific number, or click on a link provided in the text.


    • Website links: The safest approach for dealing with email links is to not click the link at all. Logging directly into Online Banking at is the best way to access your account and any messages pertaining to your account.